About the Blog

This blog started in late summer 2020 as a way to keep myself busy. Due to the pandemic, my college cancelled all in person learning for fall 2020 and I attended what many jokingly refer to as “Zoom University” for the fall of my second year. During this time, I was attending class, studying, working a retail job, and reading. That was it.

I found so much hope and home in books during that time. Reading allowed for excitement beyond my bedroom that was not possible. And those of you who know me in real life know that I am a talker. I can’t keep thoughts to myself.

This place was an outlet for all of the thoughts I was having about the books I was reading, but also an opportunity to encourage anyone and everyone to give reading a chance.

I’ve learned so much about myself through books. I’ve also learned so much about people, communities, and places that I am not a part of or will never interact with. I think that reading has taught me to be a kinder person and to see how different life really is for people who do not look, feel, think, or live like me. Reading gives the gift of empathetic insight into other minds and other worlds. And if reading’s gift is empathy, I wish everyone would allow themselves to receive that gift.

If you’ve found an opinion on this blog that you disagree with, I’d like to offer you two thoughts:

1. My reviews are (usually) not wrong.

2. My reviews are not right, either. 

I don’t think there is any right way to review a book, or any way to measure what the greatest book of all time is. People that tell you a book is “perfect” are measuring it against their own personal metric of values. So am I. I love some things you might hate, and vice versa. So I’m usually not wrong to love something, and you’re usually not wrong to hate something. But what I’d ask of you is that on this blog and on social media pages discussing media is that you treat those who feel differently than you with respect.

However, that being said, this principle is not to be taken out of context. I’m talking in the specifics of opinions about stories, characters, and fictional worlds. On my blog, there is no tolerance for homophobia, racism, or hateful speech. I firmly stand behind the principles of an accepting community that values the individuals within it and their identities, acknowledges the longterm impact of systemic issues that harm groups and works to dismantle them, and not supporting individuals that weaponize their privileges to harm others. So let’s be cool, kind, and understanding!

My goal here is to provide you with opinions, unique perspectives, and recommendations surrounding literature. Healthy discourse is welcome and invited, so always feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

For business and professional inquiries about this blog and associates social media, I can be reached by email.