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Exploring the Friends of the Library Book Sale

One of my favorite events in Ithaca, New York, is the Friends of the Library Book Sale. This event takes place over three weekends every fall and spring. Members of the local community and beyond line the block for a turn to wander through the shelves of used books, records, DVDs, and more.   The book… Continue reading Exploring the Friends of the Library Book Sale

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Top 10 Books I Read in London

From January to May 2022, I spent my semester living in London and traveling around Europe. This meant lots of reading time on planes, trains, buses, and the London Underground. Of course I picked up some great books along the way! Here’s ten of my favorite reads from this semester. In London and looking for… Continue reading Top 10 Books I Read in London

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Semester Abroad: March Reflections

Last month I shared with you my February reflections about my semester studying abroad in London, England. In March, my travel opportunities expanded and I was able to visit continental Europe for the first time in my life. This was an exciting adventure! If February was all about settling in, March was all about expanding… Continue reading Semester Abroad: March Reflections

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9 Must-Visit Bookshops in London

9 lovely places to shop for your next read Ah, bookshops. There’s nothing quite like browsing shelves for an hour, reading the first few pages of a good book, and then deciding to take it home. COVID has changed the boom buying landscape. I know that I’ve become accustomed to buying books online right after… Continue reading 9 Must-Visit Bookshops in London