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Review: Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Are you the romantic comedy villain? Have you ever watched a Hallmark movie and felt personally victimized by the ruthless portrayal of career-centric, hardworking, and ambitious women? Do you have no desire to be the girl from the Christmas tree farm, or the small town dance competition, or the tiny local shop that makes the city boy realize “what really matters” in his life?

If any of these questions made you say “yes, and I’m tired of feeling like the evil anti-romance character in a formulaic movie,” then Book Lovers by Emily Henry is for you.

Nora is an ambitious woman. She’s a literary agent that makes dreams come true for authors, but that doesn’t come without professional ruthlessness. Romance has never worked out for her, and she knows she’ll never be the small town girl from so many stories.

Nora’s sister Libby wants to take a girl’s trip to Sunshine Falls, North Carolina, the town that inspired a famous novel, and Nora agrees to head out for a few weeks. But the picturesque dreamy town that Nora and Libby expected isn’t exactly what they get, and matters are made worse by the appearance of Charlie Lastra in town, a brooding editor who has a rough professional history with Nora.

Nora and Charlie aren’t people who belong in a Sunshine Falls love story, but as fate pulls them together over and over again, there’s a chance that the pair might have a chance to find love after all.

I’m an Emily Henry fan to my core. I love reading books about literary people—writers, editors, agents, etc., and Book Lovers doesn’t disappoint. This story pokes fun at the formula of romance that we’ve all watched or read so many times, but it also has a real sincerity in the sense that the characters are fleshed out well beyond the tropes that they fit into. Henry also incorporates themes of family, sisterhood, and responsibility into the story, which give it more depth beyond just a story about romantic love.

I love Emily Henry’s rich plots and sincere characters. She’s a great author for both new and established romance fans. So regardless of if your most recent read is Ali Hazelwood or Nora Roberts, give Book Lovers a read!

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